5 Prompts for Photographing Couples


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I am excited to share my top 5 Prompts for Photographing Couples! When posing your clients, you need to find the best way to make them look their best but also show off their connection together. It’s more than telling them where to stand. The real secret sauce to a beautiful image is the connection between the couple and feeling their love through the image. Having a strong sense of how to pose couples along with helping them reach a level of connection in front of the camera is a huge part of telling their love story.

Here are my favorite posing prompts for couples:

The Hip Check

With this prompt, I tell my couples to walk hand in hand next to each other while talking and giving the other person a “hip check” every once in a while. This can sometimes get competitive so make sure you tell them to try and not knock each other down.

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Swing Around

When describing this prompt I tell him to run up behind her, wrap her up, and then swing her around. I normally do not tell her what is going to happen but just place her a little bit in front of him. This ALWAYS gets a laugh because she never expects what is about to happen.

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Wedding Slow Dance

I love to turn on a little music or their first dance song and ask them to practice their wedding slow dance. This gives them time to be alone together, talk, and forget that the camera is there. I just move around in the background taking snapshots of them!

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The Twirl

I ask him to have one hand in his pocket and hold his other hand high. I then ask her to hold onto his hand and spin herself while holding onto her dress or skirt. I always ask for her to look at me for two spins and him for three spins. Then I ask him to keep admiring his woman and each time that she spins around, to tell her something he loves about her. This is a way for them to connect and have genuine smiles.

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Piggy Back Ride

This is one of my favorites! I ask her to jump on his back and then tell him to give her a bumpy piggy ride. It’s pretty simple but they are active and interacting together. This is one they can have a lot of fun with by standing in one spot or running.

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Now I would love to know, which of these is your new favorite prompt for couples? Do you struggle with capturing the connection between your clients? Let’s chat in the comments about your journey to creating a connection!

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